Two Movements!

Fourteen Repetitions!

The Worlds Greatest Stretch and the Worlds Second Greatest Stretch!

A Doppio shot of mobility that pretty much everyone can benefit from incorporating into their daily regimen.

One of the things I speak about in this video is the idea of developing some type of a morning warm up designed to prepare you for the day ahead and these movements would certainly be an excellent way to start that process off.

But first a couple of quick rules for the road:

1: Don’t forget to breath and take that mean look off your face.

Getting your body to give you more space is a delicate balance of intensity and relaxation. Yes, you have to get a little uncomfortable, but you need to remain composed and somewhat serene.

2. Discomfort is OK, Pain is not.

When it doubt, err on the side of doing less.

3. Did I mention not forgetting to breath?!?

4. And the part about no grimacing?

OK, so here goes:


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