Thoughts on what it means to be “spiritual” – a personal definition.


I originally sat down to write a post entitled “Why the word “Biohacker” has started giving me douche chills plus five real world biohacks”

And if I ever finish the damn article I’ll explain that title and its suggested contradiction, but, speaking honestly, for the time being, it was feeling somewhat inauthentic and So I decided to write on a topic that is currently much more at the forefront of my mind.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word “spiritual”.

It’s a word I hear used all too often to describe someones personal philosophy. Hell, it’s word I use too. But it seems to be so open to interpretation, so nebulous, something a tie dye wearing, patchouli oil drenched hippie might say before breaking out the crystals.

But what does it really mean? How can we define it for ourselves? 

For the sake of personal clarity, I have defined some broad stroke tenents that I personally believe that when taken together fit my personal definition of a spiritual belief system, sans the trappings of a religion.



1: I am not this body

“You say an explosion started creation, and we’re just chemical combinations, but would you take the same stand if there’s a gun in my hand or would you beg for your salvation?” – Raghunath Cappo

Its a good question isn’t it?

And I’ve heard that it said that there are no atheists in foxholes.

As scientifically minded as we all like to think of ourselves, I wonder how many of us what really stop and tell ourselves it was OK. That we were just adding a little lead into our chemical soup and that it all really didn’t matter” or would we perhaps realize that there may something more to us than just base elements and bacteria.

I truly hope that’s a question you never have to find out the answer to

However I can completely understand the skeptics point of view regarding that nagging little issue of a total lack of concrete scientific evidence to suggest their is a soul within.

However as every good science minded person knows, you can’t really prove a negative.

So since neither side can really present evidence to silence the other, this debate will have to remain ongoing.

That is where faith must enter the picture, and by faith, I don’t mean subscribing to a line by line rendering of some ancient book. No, I mean faith in regards to your own personal observations of life and everything in it and then placing trust in your own ability to draw the conclusion that is correct for you.

This is the complete opposite of blind faith or strict adherence to books perhaps best viewed as historical curios and not as guidebooks for life.

This is faith in oneself and ones own intelligence, and that, my friends, is a very worthy quality to possess.

It means that you place the trust in yourself to be your own priest, your own guide, your own savior.

2: If I am not this body, then neither are you.

“Come together, right now…” – John Lennon

So if I am not just this body. Then it stands to reason that the same applies for every other man, woman and child on this planet.

Some would extend that view to animals, some would not. Like I said above, I’m talking broad strokes here, not looking to get overly specific.

So like the old quote says  “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, instead we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

And We are having that experience together…

3: We are all part of something greater/bigger/beyond ourselves.

“The is my truth, tell me yours” – Manic Street Preachers

This is the tricky one as this is where the G.O.D enters the picture and the more we focus on that situation, the more it seems we find reasons to try to kill each other.

So let’s just say that there is an energy out there that we spring from.

If you want to believe its a carpenter crucified for our sins…cool

A blue cow herd boy…cool

A rotund, smiling man in a loin cloth…cool

Mother Earth….cool.

Just that whatever energy our manifestation comes from, we are all a part of it. No need for bombs, guns or inflammatory rhetoric on this issue….lets just agree to disagree on the specifics.

This is the cradle from which we came and that to which we will one day return.

4: We can have some kind of communion with whatever “It” is. “It” can be experienced…a little bit.

“Reach out and touch faith” – Depeche Mode

Whether it’s via meditation, prayer, appreciation of art, creation of art, looking into your child’s eyes, appreciating nature…etc.

There is a feeling you get, where you just kind of peek between the cracks and feel like you caught a glimpse of something greater….and to me, that’s what I mean by communion.

It’s subtle, but very noticeable and it can be quite moving.

Its that feeling of oneness, appreciation, possibly awe and dare I say it, love.

And it is entirely personal

5: There are as many different paths as there are people.

“Who’s the master?” – Sho’ Nuff

“I am” – Bruce Leeroy

A belief doesn’t have to be right, it just has to be useful. so whatever beliefs you feel are:

a) getting you closer to “It”

b) making you a better, more caring example of humanity would be A-OK in my book.

You don’t necessarily need a priest or teacher to show you the way, although you may certainly choose to have one.

For my part, I prefer a path dictated my by own life experiences and my own inner voice of what the right path may be.

It has allowed me to find the lessons in the works of Jesus, Buddha, Crowley, Prabhupada, Suzuki, Lucas, etc. etc. without ever being overly beholden to any one of them.

Anything beyond the above and I think we’re getting into the area of religion which can exist quite apart from everything listed above and contains much deeper waters that I’m not going to dip into here.

If anyone has anything to add, feel free to leave a comment below,

One Love,



Regarding #1: Ironically the oft touted enemy of spirituality, science is getting close on proving this hypothesis. Ray Kurzweil, Googles Director of Engineering, and likely the smartest guy in any room he’s in, predicts we’ll be able to upload our conciousnesses by 2045. Once that happens and we are able transcend our the limits of our biology, the above concept is pretty much proven…..and the Matrix takes one step closer to becoming a reality…but I’ll leave that to my conspiracy loving friends.





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