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I originally started this as a way to keep my clients’ training on track while I was on tour or if they went on vacation. However at this point, it has developed to the point where I work with a group of people in an exclusively online format.

Online coaching includes:

A comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment.

Personalized nutrition plan based on your body, your goals and your lifestyle.

Ongoing nutrition coaching. As your body changes, so will your diet.

Email Support to address any questions you may have.

Custom training program featuring 2 X per week strength focused workouts, a high intensity fat burning performance session and a daily flexibility routine, all delivered directly to your smart phone or tablet.

Bi-weekly check ins via Skype.

Minimum Commitment for online coaching is 12 Weeks.

(2 slots open)



These represent the best possible blend of Personal and Group Training.

Everybody has their own custom designed training program based on their specific goals.

No Cookie Cutter workouts. 

Groups are kept to a maximum of six people in order to make sure everybody gets a lot of personal attention.

A fun, high energy session with a group of like minded motivated people.

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Current openings:

Mon: 7.00am, 9.30am

Tues: 3.30pm

Thurs: 9.30am, 3.30pm

Fri: 7.00am



Exclusively held at Crave Personal Training, Surf City, USA.